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South Padre Beach Portraits and Aerial Photography

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Couples on the Beach

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Our Photography Service Agreement
By way of paying a deposit you agree to the following in regards to any and all service provided by us.

  1. All sessions are rain or shine, in the event of bad weather and no make up date available we will shoot indoors or under an awning at a local park (NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS)
  2. Beach Photography is always at the mercy of mother nature, We do the very best we can with wind and other elements such as tourists getting in our shots.
  3. We are both grandparents and are very good with MOST children however unruly or downright rotten little ones are YOUR responsibility. "Some Adults Also"( WE OFFER NO REFUNDS BECAUSE SOMEONE REFUSED TO COOPERATE)
  4. We usually shoot hundreds and hundreds of photos during each session. We DO NOT Guarantee or in any way shape or form IMPLY all of these to be perfect keepers however we deliver them all to you on disk and you then get to decide what you would like to print.
  5. We do not warranty our photography to meet any standards for usability or merchantability. Please preview our body of work BEFORE hiring us. Photography is our art and is subjective.  
  6. We strive to achieve those once in a lifetime moments in time however things do happen such as ocean spray or spots on lens and or blowing trash or people in the background, we do offer at ADDITIONAL COST our services in Photoshop to try and correct any such occurrences ( NO REFUNDS AT ANY TIME FOR ANYTHING BUT TOTAL EQUIPMENT FAILURE RESULTING IN NO (0) PHOTOS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING)  
  7. Cancellation of a credit card payment or dispute of a PAY PAL charge after actual services have been rendered will be considered a theft of services and will be dealt with as such with local authorities.
  8. By providing a deposit thru our Pay pal  request you have acknowledged reading and agreeing to this agreement in full and without reserve or revocation 
  9. We do not accept checks at any time!
  10. We must have a deposit paid via our Pay pal request to hold your date and time ( you need not be a Pay pal  member to use Pay pal  they accept all credit cards)
  11. All final payments MUST be made IN CASH at the time of delivery of photo CD.   NO EXCEPTIONS EVER