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Frequently asked questions about portraits on the beach


·  Why Choose a Professional Photographer?
·  How long will the session last?
·  What should we wear?
·  Should we wear shoes on the beach?
·  What if we wear glasses, sun glasses, or jewelry?
·  What do I do with my hair?
·  Can we do different poses or separate family groups?
·  Where do we meet? Map Link
·  Should we bring anything?
·  What if the weather is bad or it rains?
·  What time of the day do you take pictures?
·  Can we go on the sand dunes?
·  Can we use our own camera?
·  Are there BUGS on the beach?
·  When should we schedule our session?



•  Why Choose a Professional Published Photographer?
The photographs of your family, your wedding, your children, and other important events can be a treasure of intensely memorable feelings and a joy to revisit throughout your life - but only if your photographer has the talent and skill to focus, shoot and capture those defining moments. While many people immediately think of newborn babies and weddings, a professional photographer can preserve any memory that is important to you. Many parents have photographs created at different stages in their child’s development, creating a "portrait history." Graduation, religious ceremonies, family reunions, pet portraits, birthdays and anniversaries are some of the reasons people hire a professional photographer. Businesses, large and small, use our professional images to advertise their products - whether in print, broadcast, catalogs or direct mail. Other business needs include executive portraits and press release photos. Membership in a professional association, certification or a photography degree shows a certain level of commitment to the profession. These types of credentials can help you determine which photographer is right for you. Every day professionals help record the most important moments in life. And while every situation brings new challenges - you can be assured that the professional has the creativity and skills to deliver the best possible images for you. The images created by us touch every aspect of your life and give you a beautiful way to preserve those memories.




•  How long will the session last?
Your session will usually take about 30-90 minutes, depending on everyone's cooperation, size of the group, and weather conditions. We may have to wait for the right light as the sun is setting, too. Make sure everyone (especially the children) have had a good nap and eat dinner or at least a good snack before the session. They will look and act much happier.


•  What should we wear?
Similar styles and colors look the best. You can also coordinate colors to match where you will hang your portrait at home. Try to keep it simple. View the photo gallery for some ideas. Avoid patterns, they are too distracting. Solid colors, khakis, denim, light or pastel, earth tones, blue, white, and tan look appealing. Light and white fabric may be more "see through" with the flash. Wear only high quality tight woven fabric. Avoid sleeveless tops, long sleeves are preferable. Button up and V neck shirts look very nice. Dress to your personality. Please take time in deciding on your attire, if you do not like your outfit you may not be happy with your portrait. Keep your makeup light, and don't over do it.


• Should we wear shoes on the beach?
It is very casual in the sand. Shoes are up to you. Most people take them off.


•  What if we wear glasses, sun glasses, or jewelry?
These items can cause glare and distortion. If you prefer to have glasses in your portrait, have the lenses removed from them or from an extra pair. Touch ups will cost extra if there is too much glare. Your eyes may appear as big white spots. Try to keep your jewelry to a minimum. It can be distracting as well. Remove your sunglasses well before you head to the beach. Your eyes need time to adjust to minimize squinting.


•  What do I do with my hair?
It is usually breezy on the beach. Your hair may not stay perfect. Hairspray will help. You may also tie your hair back if it is too windy. Make sure the guys have a recent shave and trim. A five o'clock shadow cannot be touched up.


•  Can we do different poses or separate family groups?
We can break down into smaller groups and individuals if time and light allow. If you have any ideas or particular poses in mind, I will be more than happy to try.


•  Where do we meet?
You can meet us at the parking front parking lot of the South Padre Convention Center Then you can follow us up to a great spot on the beach .  Map Link


•  Should we bring anything?
Bring your best smile:) You may also bring your child's favorite toy or stuffed animal friend. You should even bring a toy and some treats for your pet too. If you are having a longer session, you can bring props, a favorite item from a hobbies, sports equipment, extra outfits, hats, shoes, or bathing suits.


•  What if the weather is bad or it rains?
It rarely rains the whole day. We get beautiful portraits on cloudy days when the lighting is very soft, similar to a studio setup. We can still photograph in a light rain, drizzle, misty, and foggy conditions. We usually photograph about an hour before sunset on sunny days. If it is cloudy or rainy, your session may be earlier depending on the weather. Sunrise is also an alternative if the weather does not cooperate. Please leave your day open for schedule changes if necessary. There are options. If we have the next day available, we will gladly reschedule or we may be able to photograph before an already scheduled session. As a last resort, we could even do something inside. It is a good idea to book your session early in your stay, just incase.




•  What time of the day do you take pictures?
I can photograph any time of day, but everyone will look better in the later part of the day.  We usually start within two hours before sunset. This is the best light of the day. You will also squint less at this time.  Each day and moment will have its own colors, lighting and shadows. The exact time will vary according to the time of year, weather, and clouds in the sky. We usually get in touch on the day of your session to determine an exact time after we look at the current satellite and radar images to work around the weather.  Cloudy days give nice, soft lighting and allow more time of the day to photograph.  Please keep your schedule open for time changes due to weather and lighting conditions.


•  Can we go on the sand dunes?
We can only go by the sand dunes in designated areas.


•  Can we use our own camera?
Sorry, no other cameras are allowed to be used during the session. The photographer has spent many years of time and training in order to provide you with a great portrait. His camera and film are top of the line. The subjects also need to have their full attention on the photographer, not distracted by other snap shooters to have their head or eyes turned in the wrong direction. This can also waste a lot of time that is limited, as the sun is setting.


•  Are there BUGS on the beach?
The flies can be bad sometimes. They bite too. Usually on a warm day with a westerly wind the flies are the worst. Wear some good insect repellent and long sleeves and pants will help also.




•  When should we schedule our session?
Make your appointment for the first day that your entire group will be available. It is nice to have everyone's portrait taken before they get sun burned too. This may also allow for backup days due to weather or other reasons, if the photographer is still available. Images are usual available to view the next day or so. Payment in full is due at the time the you view your photos. Try to schedule your photo session during the beginning of your vacation so that we have a chance of viewing your images together before you leave town.