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1) Don't spend a lot of time preparing young children to smile. Making them smile naturally is my job! We almost never use the word "Smile", and never use the word "Cheese" when doing a Portrait. Unless a person has practiced in front of a mirror, you usually can't generate a smile on command. As every parent knows, children usually have their 'Cheese Smile', and it usually isn't the one you want in the family Portrait. Unfortunately, once a 4 or 5 year old starts using the cheesy smile, it's very difficult to get them to relax and smile naturally. (This sometimes happens with Dads, too!)

2) Everyone loves a "Kodak Moment", but there is room for only one camera on my dune....OURS! There are several reasons for this;

A) Children will always pay more attention to someone they know that's holding a camera than a stranger (US).

B) Snapshot time at home is frequently time for clowning around. This is fun at home, but not conducive to a great family Portrait, and again it is hard to get children to relax and cooperate once the clowning has started.

C) When others take photos while I work, it frequently ruins what I'm trying to capture. (we will end the session immediately w/out refund)

D) Remember, the best light last for only a short time; Please help me do the job you hired me for, with the least distractions.

3) Many times during the summer, I photograph young children who are experiencing their first family portrait. Experience has taught me that if I start by photographing the oldest generation first, the kids get a better idea of what is going on, and what is expected of them. By getting some of them to 'help' me, we become friends and things go very smoothly. Please remember that children follow the example of their elders. If dad or granddad sticks his tongue out at the camera, or put 'horns' on someone else, guess what happens when we have the whole family posed for the real Portrait! Please set a great example, we'll end up with a great Portrait!

4) Every once in a while, there is one family member present under protest usually it is a teenage male, sometimes an older male. The battle is half over if they actually showed up! A gentle reminder that it will be over sooner, and they won't have to do it over, if they just cooperate for a few minutes usually helps. If there is a real battle brewing just under the surface, let me know before we start; it helps to know to handle someone gently, or to avoid them entirely!

5) Finally, Relax! Plan to have fun and enjoy the experience, and everything will work out. It almost always does!